Name When to Use Related Tools
 7 basic tools of quality  Measure quality  C/E diagram, check sheet, control chart, histogram, pareto chart, scatter diagram,  run chart (stratification)
 8D process  Process solving  
 Affinity diagram  Organize ideas and data  
 Kano model  Product development  QFD, Voice of customer
 Leader standard work  Operational management  
 MODAPTS  Motion study  
 Muda (No-value added)  Identify wastes  
 Mura (Unevenness)  Identify variations  
 Muri (Overburden)  Identify ergonomic opportunities  
 Quality functional deployment (QFD)  Product development  Voice of customer
 Spaghetti diagram  Visualize flow  
 Tier accountability  Operational management  
 Visual management  Operational management